Interview Topics


Day 1

June 20, 2024

Michael König-Breuss
Why this Summit? Insider knowledge about pharma, politics, media, Nano-chip, how to succeed!
Stefanie Bruns
Stand to your TRUTH, even if you are threatened with death
Dr. Jane Ruby
COVID was a Government Run Mass Genocide Operation by Department of Defense
Lawana Haney
How addictive processed foods can be. How sugary carbs foods are affecting our health and these large corp food companies know it.
Clayton Thomas
The biological warfare was planned LOOONG ahead. Stop resonating - detoxify pineal gland & gut

Day 2

June 21, 2024

Trent Loos
Lies, lies, lies... food, health, medicine, media, government... RESEARCH!
Jane Hampton Cook
US Government got away from FUNDAMENTAL PRIZIPAL of telling the TRUTH
Durga Holzhauser
Energetic detoxification of COVID-vaccinated people, spiritual healing, Jesus & divine plan
Cyntha Koeter-The Fall of the Cabal
The Fall of the Cabal - documentaries that blow your mind
Valeria Marie Tignini – Magdalene
Revealing the past, the present and the future for people like us: The New Humanity
Tom Renz
The fight against Corruption & the Covid LIE is brutal. Antony Faucy is a crook - just follow the money...

Day 3

June 22, 2024

Sheriff Calvin H. Hayden
Covid mandates and common sense. Manipulation of election machines on a STATE LEVEL. Shadow government.
Ann Vandersteel
"Asteroid GLOBALISM" hits the WORLD! Sozialism, Kommunism & Faschism together make a Baby GLOBALISM
Dr. Joy Martina
Intuition, our HIGHEST inner knowledge of WHAT is RIGHT for ME
Catharina Roland
Solutions for humanity - TOGETHER we are strong
Anja Schäfer
Venusian Spirituality to support the Transformation of people and the Earth
Oliver Moos
Fear / Trust and Gut Feeling, to take wise decisions in banking and Crypto decisions

Day 4

June 23, 2024

Michael Alois Wagner
Just do it! Don´t overthink it! Everything is possible!
Dr. Christina Rahm
Science – science fiction, Graphene oxide, zombies, nanotechnology, time travel… detox & self-empowerment
Mary Graner
Importance of speaking up and expressing one's views without fear
Cornelia Victoria Harms
Raise your voice to create the New!
Alan Steinfeld
Shift in reality as the only way to really get out of the mess the planet is in
Michael König-Breuss / Aliens & Nano-bots
Energetic cleansing of alien & Nano-bots & SMART-technique influence with the SOUL-language / Light-language

Day 5

June 24, 2024

PhD. Brian Hooker
Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak. All lethal things together = mRNA
Mel K – Mel K Show
Global private Partnership - International Banking Kartel running the WORLD - Agenda 2030
Judith Gschwandtl
Astrology saw years before Covid, that a BIG crisis will come.
Zeffi Devi
Sexual confusion & Spiritual tantra energie for YOUR life in success and health. Love and appreciate your body
Christoph Heuermann
Living “stateless“ - freedom and flexibility in asset management and international travel
Alexander Krakolinig
Victim vs. offender vs. helper

Day 6

June 25, 2024

James Roguski
WHO - evil plans AGAINST YOUR HEALTH. Total control & slavery of humanity.
Storm Dillenschneider
Drugs / Fentanyl - One pill can kill. Let’s safe our children
Salomea Klaus
Peoples Aggression due to unconscious fear and excessive demands. Breathing heals!
Dr. Galina Semyonova
Health secrets that kill or uplift humanity
Johann Nepomuk Maier
What is reality? How to create the NEW!

Day 7

June 26, 2024

Dr. Leonard Coldwell
Worldwide Conspiracy to eliminate the Human Race - and what we can do about it
Eesha Patel
Galactic Experiences for Visionary Leaders. Be your biggest light.
Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD
OMG! Mind control, Nanotech, Self assembling nano-robots in the COVID-vaccine, MK-Ultra & Satanic rituals against YOU! HIGH frequency of LOVE to THRIVE!
Christie Hutcherson
Enemies at the Gate- Can america Survive the Coming Conflict?
Max Reeder
US military uses wars to plunder and enslave free countries with your children as soldiers and creates veterans. Wake up and stop it!
General Mike Flynn
We are in WW 3. Nobody will come to rescue us! No General, no white heads, no Trump. WE, the people need to change it!


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